Contracting Out Agreement or ‘Pre Nup’

Many people entering into relationships today, whether it be a marriage, civil union or de-facto relationship, own assets prior to commencing the relationship. If you want to find out more about the legal status of those assets now and in the future then you need to talk to us about a Contracting Out Agreement.

Contracting Out Agreements have a legislative base and there are strict requirements in order for the agreement to be binding. They are essentially an agreement made between the parties as to what is separate property and what is relationship property. Each party to an agreement must obtain independent legal advice and we strive to ensure that you are fully advised on the effects and implications of the agreement.


If you are married, in a civil union or de facto relationship and have found yourself in the difficult situation of separating or contemplating separation we can help you with the classification and division of assets. There are two ways in which parties can resolve their relationship property matters in a binding manner – either by Court Order or by entering into their own tailored Separation Agreement in accordance with legislative provisions and providing that each party has received independent legal advice. With the right advice most parties can resolve relationship property matters ‘out of Court’.

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Dissolution of Marriage

Dissolution of a marriage or a civil union is also known as ‘divorce‘. If you have been separated for more than two years and at least one of the original parties to the marriage is domiciled in New Zealand, you can obtain a dissolution of your marriage by application to the Family Court. Most applications are completed ‘on the papers’ meaning that you would not generally be required to appear in Court.

If you have not been separated for two years there may be other matters we can help you with such as division of your Relationship Property.

I was so grateful that after my separation all my property matters could be resolved without the stress of going to Court

N Weston

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